What You May Not Know About Magnesium

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Magnesium is a mineral whose importance is often overlooked and ignored. I want to share information that explains how essential it is for good health and how several RWF products provide you with magnesium.  Magnesium is important for many processes in the body: muscle and nerve function, the regulation of blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and the production of proteins, bone cells, and DNA. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of functions in our bodies, but when our bodies experience stress, magnesium levels fall, and it is important to be intentional about replacing it. Some experts claim that magnesium deficiency is the single largest health problem in our world today. I remember my son, John, at around 8 years old, asking me if I had taken my magnesium, because he sensed I was stressed and he knew that when I took some magnesium would I calm down and stop being so irritable.EmojiEmoji

There are many reasons that magnesium deficiency is much more widespread today. Depleted soil conditions mean that plants and meat from animals that feed on these plants provide lower amounts of magnesium. Fluoride and chlorine in the water supply make magnesium less available since these chemicals "bind up" magnesium ions in drinking water.  Common substances that many of us consume daily, like caffeine and sugar, also deplete the body’s magnesium levels.    

Magnesium deficiency has several serious problems associated with it: calcification of the arteries (leading to heart disease, heart attacks, and heart failure), muscle spasms and cramps, growing pains, restless legs, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, hypertension, hormonal problems (leading to PMS and menstrual cramps), pregnancy issues (nausea, cramps, hypertension), sleep problems, low energy, and poor bone health.

RWF provides products that are part of the solution to the magnesium-deficiency problem. The magnesium moves quickly into the bloodstream and muscle tissues, replenishing the body’s magnesium stores and bypassing the kidneys. I have magnesium products in five different forms:  Magnesium Deodorant, Roll-On Muscle Relief, Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Cream, and Bath Salts.

- Magnesium Deodorant: People who are low in magnesium stink more when they sweat. The absorption rate of anything you apply under your arms is close to 100%, and since magnesium deficiency causes your sweat to stink, our magnesium based deodorant goes to the root of the problem by restoring magnesium.

- Roll-On Muscle Relief: This product uses the same magnesium oil that is in my deodorant, but it is applied through the roll-on head of its container.  Roll it on your children's legs when they complain of growing pains, roll it on your restless legs, roll it on your temples when you have a headache.  Emily, who works with me at Rainwater Farm, rolls it on her lower abdomen to alleviate menstrual cramps.  Donna, another employee, applied it to her neck after having surgery to relax her muscles, enabling her to sleep better.

- Magnesium Oil: This spray-on magnesium is perfect for applying anywhere you are experiencing muscle pain or cramping. Since magnesium is absorbed most effectively through your skin, my Magnesium Oil is one of the most efficient ways for replenishing magnesium supply in the body and quickly providing relief from problems caused by deficiency, such as muscle cramping, restless legs, or migraines, to name a few.

- Magnesium Cream: In this product I combine magnesium with my Silken Skin Conditioner. The result is a product that rubs in easily, moisturizes your skin, and provides your body with valuable magnesium. Rub onto your feet at night for a better night's sleep.

- Bath Salts:  When you use my magnesium-rich Bath Salts, you will at first detox and then your body will absorb magnesium that has been depleted. Your skin will also be moisturized by the almond oil in the salts. There are four different kinds:  Muscle Recovery - especially good after workouts; Respiratory Relief - for colds and respiratory illness; Lavender and Herbal - both promote better sleep.

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