Educational Series: It Takes a Thief Products

Posted on January 29, 2022 by Colette Souder | 0 comments

Are you someone who always gets sick during cold and flu season? You may have just found your new best friend. Before I get into details, though, let's start with the story behind my It Takes a Thief Products.

Back in the Middle Ages, when the Bubonic Plague was decimating Europe, there were thieves who would steal from those who were dead or dying. When caught, the magistrate proposed that their sentence would be lessened if the thieves shared their secret for how they did not catch the disease. Their secret was that they were spice merchants, and these spices helped their body fight off the sickness.

In my It Takes a Thief products are essential oils from the same spices that the spice merchants used. These essential oils help to boost your immune system and aid in fighting against viruses and bacteria, helping to prevent illnesses such as the cold and flu. When you use the soap, the essential oils are absorbed through your skin to get into your body, and the same happens when you apply the spray. Feel a sore throat coming on? You can even spray my It Takes a Thief Spray directly into your mouth for a quick attack on illness. Often times I have used the spray on a sore throat and in less than 24 hours I feel no symptoms of illness. We also have teachers who swear by the spray, saying that when they use it during cold and flu season, they do not get sick once.
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