Interested in trying our products but a little skeptical or unsure what to try? Read these testimonials from our customers about products they love and how RWF has affected them.

"My baby has several eczema patches, ONE use of the lavender soap, and 2 applications of the salve and those patches are GONE. My 5 year old had a reaction to a bug bite which left an enormous knot, the size of a large grape, on her eyebrow, and a few applications of the salve, the bug bite is completely gone. My 3 year old has had a sore on her back that just wouldn’t go away for weeks. I applied the salve one time, and the sore is almost gone." - Laura, TN

"I am a big fan of your shop and I wanted to say thank you for making such quality, safe products!  My family and I are very happy users of your bar soaps, laundry soap, and pet wash. 
About 10 years ago I bought a bar of Lavender Patchouli soap from a gift shop in Oregon. The soap was made by an Oregon soap company called Roots and was instantly my favorite.  Unfortunately a few years later, I got notice that they were closing their business and I was so sad when my back stock (haha) of soap eventually ran out.  A few years later, after trying almost every other Lavender Patchouli soap on Etsy (and not loving any of them as much), I was cleaning out my under sink cabinet and found an old business card from Roots which said she learned how to make soap from you!  I was elated to find your website and to be able to buy my very favorite soaps again!!  Now I have expanded to use many of your products and I love them all.
I love supporting your business and am so thankful to use your safe products for my husband, 9-year old daughter, and dog!  I now live in California, but someday I plan on making a trip to visit you and take a class." - Caitlin, CA

"I've been using your poison ivy soap, Summer Mint, for over two years. I haven't had poison ivy nor oak since then!!! I used to have to get shots. I LIVE outside now instead of being terrified of getting into poison ivy!!!" - Bonnie, TN