Top Three Reasons to Incorporate Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

Posted on June 17, 2015 by Kathleen Souder | 2 comments


It’s a running joke between mom and I that she is on “lavender autopilot,” adding lavender essential oil to all of the products we make. To be fair, when an essential oil smells as good as lavender does and has such amazing properties to boot, it’s hard to think of a reason not to use it daily. So, carry on, Colette!

And for the rest of you, continue reading below to learn the top three reasons we believe you should incorporate lavender into your skincare routine.

Note: Of course, the below applies only to true, natural lavender. If your skincare product ingredient listing says “fragrance,” then unfortunately, the benefits listed below don’t apply. For example, many mamas use Johnson & Johnson Lavender lotions or bath products on their babies around bedtime, but unfortunately it doesn’t contain any true lavender--just artificial lavender fragrance.

Reason #1: Lavender soothes skin irritations and inflammation: Is your skin chronically dry or itchy? Do you have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), or dandruff? Bug bites or minor burns? If so, then lavender is an amazing natural remedy. It is soothing, it reduces redness and swelling--and it stimulates cell growth and renewal which promotes healing. Pregnant or new mothers might like to take note of this study, which demonstrates the efficacy of lavender in reducing post-partum redness and swelling.

Reason #2: Lavender is a natural antiseptic: A few years ago, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Coimbra in Portugal showed that Lavender oil proved lethal to a range of pathogenic fungi and various species of Candida. In addition, there have been a few studies demonstrating that lavender oil proved effective in treating drug-resistant MSSA and MRSA. And those who battle skin blemishes or acne might be interested to know that lavender helps fight acne-causing bacteria.

So, think of lavender as a natural Neosporin, and apply diluted lavender essential oil or a salve to cuts and scrapes to help clean and disinfect.

Reason #3: Lavender Relieves Stress & Anxiety: There are countless studies that demonstrate lavender’s ability to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety--and I’m sure many of you already love using lavender mists, diffusers, bath salts, or bodywashes in your evening routines to reduce insomnia and even quiet fussy children. So, suffice it to say: if you’re nervous while waiting for the dentist, scared of shots, or just want to sleep more soundly, lavender is your BFF!

And now that we have all that science out of the way, it’s Rainwater Shameless Plug Time! We’ve rounded up all of our lavender products onto one single page, and they are all ready and waiting for new homes (yours). Some of our favorites are as follows:

Lavender Clean Mist: Spritz on your face and neck during the summer for instant cooling, or spray on pillows and linens before bedtime.

Lavender Bodywash: This will very likely be the gentlest, most soothing bodywash you’ve ever tried. Our pure, vegetable-based formula is mild enough for use with babies, and will leave your skin soft and silky--not tight and dry like most bodywashes.

Oatmeal Lavender Bar Soap: We love recommending this soap for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. The soothing properties of lavender are further enhanced by our addition of gluten-free oatmeal. It’s also a good soap for kiddos or adults with shingles or chicken pox.

Simply Lavender Soap: This is my go-to gift for new mothers. The soap is gentle and nourishing, and perfect for nighttime bath routines.

Lavender Bath Balm: There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath with our Lavender Bath Balm, and it’s Part II of my New Mother Gift Pack, helping reduce post-partum swelling (see above!).


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2 Responses

Dee Dickinson
Dee Dickinson

June 30, 2018

I found out about Rainwater products through our son, who ended up marrying Kathleen! So, as in-laws, we are very familiar with the products. I wanted to comment because I suffered for many years with severe, debilitating migraines. I discovered that heavy scents contribute to these headaches. Rainwater Farm products are amazing for me because I love lavender but hate the heavy scent found in so many lavender products. Not so in these natural products! In fact, I use Rainwater sprays, soaps, and body wash every day. No migraines!! And, I can’t tell you the last time I had one. I am so thankful I had the good fortune of my son marrying into the family for many reasons and the Souder natural products are just an added bonus.

Kim Touchton
Kim Touchton

July 19, 2016

Hi Colette, I’m Kim Touchton, Jonathan Touchton’s mother. He has a booth at the Farmers Market there in Oak Ridge where he met you. We’re in Genesis Pure also and because they make all natural products, it has really opened our eyes to the things that are putting toxins in our bodies. I was excited when Jonathan told me about Rainwater Farm’s all natural products. I just placed my first order of Rosemary Shampoo Soap, Ucalypyus soap & a couple of the bug repellents. I read all your info on the health benefit of lavender. I have sensitivity to loud or strong scents, is why I didn’t order any lavender. I’m hoping you will bring some to Jonathan’s Whole Health Event August 2. I’m thinking the lavender I’ve smelled in the stores in because it’s artificial fragrance?? I’m looking forward to meeting you. How cool that your business is a “family affair”and that your daughter does it with you. That’s got to be very rewarding!! Look forward to meeting you.

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