Sea Salt Acne Soap: Naturally Banish Blemishes

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Kathleen Souder | 0 comments

As someone who has struggled with blemishes and acne her entire life, it's been really gratifying to hear how much our Sea Salt Acne Soap and Himalayan Pink Salt Soap has helped so many of our customers with the same issues (and I wish we had developed this product when I was going through high school!) We've shipped this soap to almost every state in the country, and it's quickly become one of our most popular and re-ordered items and we hear over and over again from people who say it's the only thing that's helped clear up their complexion. For those interested, I thought I'd share a little information on ingredients and natural products that are powerful and effective in balancing and clarifying your complexion. 
  • True Soap (non-detergent): Most facial soaps and cleansers in the market are detergents, which are generally synthetically-derived cleansers that almost always have added foaming enhancers (sulfates) and chemical fragrances. These detergents can be quite harsh, irritating the face and skin, causing inflammation, and stripping the skin of its natural oils and defense barriers. By contrast, a true soap (comprised of natural oils or fats and mixed with an alkaline salt) are typically much gentler on the skin, the molecules of which are ionically charged to attract and attach to dirt or impurities so they can be washed away with water. 
  • Sea Salt: Naturally derived sea salt is rich in minerals and compounds that do wonders for your skin: extracting impurities, reducing redness and inflammation, and naturally and gently balancing the skin's pH to reduce the formation and growth of blemishes. 
  • Natural Toners and Hydrosols: It's super important to note here that we only recommend natural toners and hydrosols without any additions of alcohol or preservatives. A toner can be spritzed on the face just after cleansing and before moisturizing, and hydrosols can sprayed on the face before or after makeup application or really anytime during the day! These products will help further balance the skin's natural pH and while not crucial, can further balance and clarify your skin. 
  • Natural Moisturizers: While we can (and will, soon!) dedicate an entire post to natural body and facial moisturizers, we'll just leave this short and sweet: we're fans of natural oils and serums if you'd like to moisturize your face. You may be surprised that we recommend using oils when trying to prevent breakouts and acne--but the fact that oil does not cause blemishes is a myth we're happy to bust! We make an Illuminating Face Serum that does an amazing job in clarifying complexions and fading any acne scars or discoloration--but regardless of what you use, please make sure its free of petroleum by-products, parabens, and stay away from the word "fragrance" unless that smell is provided by an essential oil. 

Here's to clear and happy skin--and if you have any questions, comments, or tips, please feel free to share them here! 

One quick note about Sea Salt Acne Soap usage: if you experience tiny whiteheads after using the soap, in many instances this is a case of the skin purging impurities and toxins. Of course, everyone's skin is different so use your best judgement if this does not clear up within a few days of use. 



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