Lip Balm

Have you ever noticed that you seem addicted to chapstick? If you regularly use petroleum-based chapstick, then you probably are. You see, petroleum is not a true moisturizer. It temporarily has that effect, but in the long run it dries your lips out, doing more harm than good. This is why you are constantly having to reapply.
In contrast, our all-natural Lip Balm moisturizes using almond oil and beeswax, rather than toxic petroleum. Since our Lip Balm does not use petroleum, it offers true, long-lasting moisture, which won't lead to cracked lips or the feeling of needing to constantly reapply.
Citrus Lip Balm
Citrus Lip Balm $ 5.00
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Mint Lip Balm
Mint Lip Balm $ 5.00
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Sun Stick Lip Balm
Sun Stick Lip Balm $ 5.00
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