Summer Essentials Gift Set

Get ready for summer with our Summer Essentials Gift Set! This bundle contains some of our favorite products for staying protected during the warm weather months. It includes the following:

Bug Spray - Our all-natural, non-toxic bug spray is made with essentials oils that act as a natural bug repellent and are safe to use on even the youngest of skin.

Sun Stick - This lip balm contains zinc, which acts as a natural sun block to keep you protected from the sun's rays. 

Healing Salve - The product we use the most over the summer. This salve is effective for healing bug bites, stings, burns, cuts, scrapes, poison ivy, and more. 

Camper Soap - Made with the same essential oils as our bug spray, shower with this soap regularly during the summer to keep the bugs at bay. A favorite of all of our customers who are mosquito magnets!

Summer Mint Soap - Not only does this soap smell so refreshing, but it also helps prevent and heal poison ivy breakouts. The oatmeal and lye base of the soap is effective for washing poison ivy oils away, while the oatmeal and mint essential oils help soothe any current breakouts. 

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